Artisan Cigars is a labor of love.

The goal of creating Artisans Cigars is to introduce unique and high-quality fresh cigars to a larger audience. Many of the artisans we support are from Cuba. The joy of smoking a fresh-rolled cigar comprised of well-aged blends of long filler tobaccos from all over the planet are something we couldn’t keep for ourselves. It’s the best.

Jennifer Torres

Jennifer Torres began smoking cigars during the Cigar Boom of the 90s and began to appreciate the nuance and craft associated with it. She is a former Tampa Bay market on-air personality as well as internet radio. Affectionately known as the “sammich maker” by her family, Jennifer is a spirited and strong independent thinker. She appreciates the juxtaposition of “a woman in her place” - whether that place is the kitchen or as the CEO in a boardroom, while building an empire.
Jennifer likes her cigars like she likes her friends and opinions: vibrant, diverse and unique.
Artisans Cigars offers a wide array of nuanced, boutique cigars - many blends and styles you won’t find anywhere else.
Her favorite cigars include Artisano Designer Capa, Maduro Box Press Torpedoes, and some of her favorite infused cigars are the Rum and Vanilla Bourbon.


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